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Trading and Distribution

Dynamics Solutions for Trading and Distribution businesses

Challenges for the wholesale & distribution businesses are more or less the same everywhere, regardless of the size of your business. Fluctuating consumer demands, haphazard supply chain management, tough competition, shrinking profit margins and several other issues, the list is long. How does one overcome all these challenges in such a competitive landscape?


The answer lies in constant innovation. Presently, the business world is thriving with the help of intelligent software that not only streamlines your supply chain but also let you identify trends in your consumer’s demand that you can correlate with socioeconomic factors to strategize better.

Our Offering

To successfully choose and implement a software that can intrinsically benefit your business, you need a firm who knows the implementation business inside out. Who are extensively experienced and cannot only deploy the right software but also train your employees on how to effectively use it.


We offer specialized solutions for wholesale & distribution businesses with the support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP, CRM, & Mobile) Our team is experienced in the fields of FMCG and they can consult with you to provide the solution that best suits your business’s current & future plans.

Industry Benefits

  • Management of supply chain and streamlining of all business processes
  • Automated tracking of goods from supplier to retailer.
  • Optimized dispatching of goods to meet consumer demands in time
  • Database and intelligent tracking of product inventories to reduce unwanted costs
  • Limited thefts and losses
  • Better communication with clients to through web & mobile based systems
  • Enables supervision of warehouse activities
  • Enables supervision of warehouse activities
  • Real-time reports and monitoring of KPIs
  • Enhanced planning and forecasting